Our Efforts to keep our planet preserved for the future.

Water Treatment Plants


Your best water infrastructure partner !

Aiming to help the society with safe, portable, and reliable water solutions, we install highly reliable water treatment plants blended with quality. Our comprehensive technologies and technical know-how help to solve varied customer issues. We are a one-stop solution contributing throughout the plant life cycle demonstrating our extensive practical exposure and putting them to use in solving customer issues. We offer water treatment solutions for varied industries, municipalities, Government and Airport facilities.


Sewage Treatment Plants


Your one-stop solution to manage all types of sewage water!

Enviro Services offer the complete range of wastewater treatment solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial usage. Experts in the installation of sewage treatment plants, treatment systems, pumping stations, and septic tanks for commercial use, we provide a complete solution and a long-lasting plant with the help of our well-qualified engineers. We follow a systematic procedure to install a sewage treatment plant and take your worries off from drainage disposal problems.


Bio Gas Plants


Your reliable renewable energy infrastructure provider!

Renewable energies are becoming critical these days. Increasing number of businesses and households are supporting the sustainable generation of electricity and heat from renewable materials. We are your reliable partner from idea to installation and beyond, supporting you with knowledge on efficient energy utilization. Our effective infrastructure ensures that the plant gives the best of performance and profitability. As experts in bio gas engineering, we also undertake the maintenance of your bio gas plant at regular intervals.


Solid Waste Management


Your reliable partner for solid waste management!

Each day of our lives, huge tones of solid waste is disposed of at garbage dump yards and landfills. Waste collected from homes, offices, industries, and commercials contribute to this dump. This is becoming a serious concern in wake of environmental pollution and poses health hazards. This should be treated and recycled properly for protecting the environment. Treating or recycling solid waste has become the essential requirement these days. Our solution is to recover those waste that can be recycled and put to second use or generate energy from the recycling process. Recycling reduces the dangers of environment pollution and results in resource savings.


Bio Digester Toilet


Your trusted partner in bio-digester!

The human waste disposal in a populated and developing country like India is a huge problem. It not only turns into a visual bane but also leads to organic and environmental pollution. Groundwater contamination can lead to the outbreak of various infectious diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, dysentery etc. putting many lives of young children and the elderly at risk.

Our Bio Digester Toilet decomposes human waste completely into odourless, pathogen-free effluent and residual fertilizer. The system is easy to install and takes the same space as a common toilet. The effluent can be used for irrigational purposes thus recharging the groundwater levels. This is an eco-friendly, maintenance-free, efficient solution for human waste disposal.


Bio Degradable Products


Your trusted partner in bio-degradable products!

We often see many single use plastic products like cutlery, shopping bags etc. dumped into the garbage. These not only take centuries to decompose, but they also take up a lot of space on our precious earth.

To help combat this issue, we offer a wide range of biodegradable products. Partnering with efficient companies across Europe, our products are made of biodegradable polymers that easily assimilate into the environment without human intervention. Also, the bio-plastics used in our products are both bio-based and biodegradable furthering our aim at reducing the environmental pollution.

We are proud of our efforts in combating a global issue like environmental pollution. REQUEST CALLBACK

Rain Water Harvesting


Your reliable solutions partner for saving natural water!

Water being a highly valuable resource for life needs to be saved and stored when in ample quantities. This is mandatory for securing our future generation needs. Rainwater harvesting systems have been mandatory for every household or commercial or industrial purposes. According to a statistic, 54% of household water used can be replaced with harvested water. Our rain water harvesting solutions are tailor-made to suit your location, the amount of drain water, and your usage purpose.

Grey Water Recycling


Your perfect solutions provider for recycled water!

Grey water is the outlet from bathrooms, kitchen sinks, showers, bathtubs, and washing machines. This water contains traces of dirt, food, chemicals, and soaps. When let out to the rivers or the sea, it pollutes the water and makes it dangerous for the river and sea animals and birds. This water can instead be used for watering ornamental plants and for irrigation. Our grey water recycling solutions help to treat this grey water and reuse them for different purposes. Our solutions are simple to complex depending on where the water is used. REQUEST CALLBACK

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